High Maturity

Building the Organization’s High Maturity Assets?

A 4 Day Workshop


This workshop will help your organization kick-start your road to maturity level 5 of the Software Engineer Institute’s (SEI) CMMISM. Based on tried and compliant techniques, the workshop will take you from the basic principles of statistical and quantitative management to the best practices to achieve the Optimizing (ML5) and Quantitative Management (ML4) levels of the model.

This workshop starts at the bare definition of quality and walks you through a well-defined argument on how quality affects customer’s satisfaction. In the workshop you will learn how to identify critical processes and how to analyze their behavior, measuring their main attributes and creating lead and lag indicators to manage your projects.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the Workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Personally relate to quality
  • Understand Deming’s ‘system of profound knowledge’ and know the principles of Total Quality
  • Analyze the relationship between quality and predictability
  • Apply elementary concepts of statistics to the description of usual phenomena in the software industry
  • Understand the demands of CMMI-DEV® with respect to Quantitative Management
  • Select critical processes in the life cycle of the development of a product or service
  • Identify and define measurements of those process elements and work products critical to business goals
  • Define baselines of process performance
  • Apply advanced concepts of statistics such as testing hypotheses to usual phenomena in the software industry
  • Build statistical models to analyze and predict performance of critical processes in the life cycle
  • Quantitatively manage the project through its defined process and atatistically manage subprocesses performance
  • Understand the prerequisites to achieve Maturity Level 5
  • Identify causes of defects and other problems, and take actions to prevent future recurrence
  • Select and implement incremental and innovative changes that measurably improve the organization’s processes and technologies.

Course Topics

  • Quality taken personally
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Critical Processes
  • Understanding Variation
  • Performance Baselines
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Models
  • Managing Quantitatively
  • Managing Statistically
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Causal Analysis
  • Improvements and Innovations

Student Material

Materials include a student notebook of the slides and exercise materials. Students will receive a copy of

The Goal/QPC Memory Jogger II and Rath & Strong’s Six Sigma Advanced Pocket Guide. A certificate of attendance from Liveware Inc. will be handed to the attendees that completed the whole credit hours.

Students will use the QI Macros tool in their own laptops to practice the class material and solve the exercises. This tool can be acquired on line or downloaded for free for a thirty day trial period from the http://www.qimacros.com/ website.

Intended Audience

This workshop is intended for members of engineering process groups, measurement groups, project managers, and project staff who are involved in implementing organizational process improvement. It is intended for organizations that have achieved Level 3 and are ready to start work on Levels 4 and 5.