Company´s History

LIVEWARE is a business Consultant in the field of Software Engineering. Created in the ‘80’s by a group of professionals that undertook one of the most ambitious projects of the time, it has specialized in the dissemination, application and development of Software Engineering in the field, particularly the concepts of Total Quality and the strategic value of Information Systems.

Since its foundation, LIVEWARE’s continuous improvement of both services and staff has rewarded them with an increased market presence. They are currently the most experienced, oldest and largest local Consultant in Software Engineering in Argentina. More recently, their international contracts have enabled them to open a branch in Austin, Texas, enabling LIVEWARE to both uphold regional leadership and to approach the Hispanic market of Central and North America.

The LIVEWARE mission is to enable their customers to develop, integrate or install software efficiently and successfully. To do this LIVEWARE helps them utilize the most suitable process, and maximize the benefits available from the adoption of the latest tools and methods. The LIVEWARE approach is based on continuous effort, from the first diagnostic step to the institutional adoption of the change. LIVEWARE continually focuses on personal contact and an involvement with the customer’s aims and needs at all levels, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and with high regard for human resources.

LIVEWARE adopted the name of the third component of all systems: Hardware, Software and Liveware. People are to us the beginning and the end of business. First and foremost, LIVEWARE professionals are selected on the basis of their qualifications to serve our customers, their eagerness to learn and their talent to do so. Together they present a vast academic experience at both local and foreign universities, and a depth of practical experience gathered over a many years of involvement in the industry.

LIVEWARE strives to keep these human assets at their best, by learning and sharing their knowledge with our customers, and by constantly investing considerable resources in professional training and update. LIVEWARE people regularly participate in international congresses and in the most relevant meetings of Software Engineering. Senior LIVEWARE personnel have been certified and have attended courses on state-of-the-art methodology and tools.

Company´s Mission

LIVEWARE’s mission is to enable its customers to develop, integrate or install software efficiently and successfully. To do this LIVEWARE helps them introduce, learn, utilize and institutionalize the most suitable processes, maximizing at the same time the benefits derived from adoption of the latest tools and methods. LIVEWARE’s approach is based on frequent short interventions, from the first diagnostic step to institutionalization of the proposed change. LIVEWARE permanently focuses on people’s aspects and is committed in involving the customer by adopting and sharing their aims and needs at all levels, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and with a prominent focus on developing the customer’s human resources.

Company´s Quality Policy

Liveware is committed to achieve customer’s satisfaction through:

  • Analyzing in detail the customer’s needs and expectations before submitting a proposal;
  • Assigning the most adequate human resources based on the characteristics of a project;
  • Promoting knowledge sharing and exchanges in the adoption of innovations and improvements for the organization;
  • Ensuring confidentiality and property rights of the customer’s information;
  • Using the best practices for all projects, regardless of their importance;
  • Facing the challenges that emerge from the daily work with the client and promoting their effective resolution;
  • And fostering and nurturing the constant growth of its trained, mature professionals.ç