SCAMPI A® Appraisals (standard CMMI appraisal method for process improvement)
SCAMPI A enables a sponsor to
  • gain insight into an organization’s capability by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of its current processes
  • relate these strengths and weaknesses to the CMMI®
  • prioritize improvement plans
  • focus on the most beneficial improvements
  • derive capability level ratings and a maturity level rating
Liveware performs SCAMPI’s collaboratively with the organization, in total agreement with the SCAMPI(TM) Method. We work hard in guaranteeing the credibility of the result through careful selection of the team and unmatched professionalism. Our process for planning and performing SCAMPI exceeds the quality standards of the Software Engineering Institute.
We will make your organization proud of itself and happy to have invested the time in their SCAMPI.
Liveware’s professionals have completed over 60 SCAMPI Appraisals, in three languages, in five countries. Two of these were
High Maturity (Level 5) Appraisals.