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Série Livros do PBQP Software of 2012

It is with great pride that I share that our president Viviana Rubinstein, our VP Jorge Boria, and Andres Rubinstein jointly won the contest “Série Livros do PBQP Software of 2012″ of Ministry of Science and Technology of Brazil with their proposal entitled “A História da Tahini-Tahini: Melhoria de Processo de Software com Métodos Ágeis e Modelo MPS” (The Story of Tahini-Tahini: Software Process Improvement with Agile Methods and the MPS Model) that will be published by the end of the year

UK 2010

Liveware Soars in UK HM Gap Analysis

(Photo of London’s Rudy Weller’s’ Three Synchronised Divers’ on the roof of the Criterion Building Haymarket)

Liveware’s CHMLA performed a Gap Analysis in one of Trinity’s (UK partner company) customers. The result was praised by the customer POC. We quote: “Jorge,  Many thanks for your time, energy and, most of all your deep insight. I have received very positive feedback in the last couple of days and we believe that the results of the week and your summary in particular, will significantly accelerate our progress and understanding.”

We want to help companies achieve their goals. We believe that process improvement is the road, and that the CMMI is the framework.