Liveware is bona fide partner of the CMMI Institute with an excellent track record.

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The Liveware Constellation:

These are our Partners and affiliates. Whether in Europe, Asia or Latin America, there is always centuries of added experience ready to help you achieve your process improvement goals.

Panamá, Panamá:

contact: Min Chen,

Madrid, Spain

contact Cecilia Rugoni Brualla:

Lahore, Pakistan

contact Farhan Mirza:

Sao Paulo, Brazil

contact Cristina Filipak Machado:

Guadalajara, Mexico DF, Monterrey, Mexico

contact Ariel Jatuff:

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

contact Marcio Pecegueiro:

London, UK

contact Peter Flower:

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

contact Ana Regina Rocha:

Sao Paulo, Brazil

contact  Sergio Jomori: