Why Liveware

Why Choose Liveware Inc. SEI Official Training from All Partners

Instructor Training Experience

  • Since 1970 Liveware instructors have been pioneering Software Engineering education world wide.
  • As university professors in the past they have made fundamental contributions in the educational environment, introducing both subjects and techniques.
  • They have taught a total of over 50 official Introduction to the CMMI classes, with more than one thousand students in three languages, ten countries and four continents.
  • They have been certified by the SEI as instructors for the Intro class in two constellations (development and services) and the two Practitioners Class. They have been requested by the SEI to ask as observers of candidate instructors.

Instructors Professional Experience

  • With over forty years in the Software Engineering industry, they accumulate experience of all type that they pour into their classes.
  • Their over twenty years of consulting using the maturity models make them part of a small number of highly qualified CMM practitioners.
  • As Certified High Maturity Lead Appraisers with proven experience in the Optimizing Level they can show facets of the model less experienced trainers cannot.
  • Known in the Software Engineering world as early adopters they can tie the model’s practices to daily activities in a deep and clear manner.
  • As Certified Scrum Masters they can Guild the bridges between Agile and the CMMI as few others can.

Class Activities

  • Based on their huge experience in teaching the introductory class, their class activities are not restricted to the SEI materials, making the class more interesting and productive for the student.
  • To the examples, profuse and useful, classroom participation, always encouraged by the instructors, adds depth and value to the class.
  • Exercises results are not taken for granted and are seriously criticized, with professional eye.
  • Humor and excellent disposition to work with the students are germane to the creation of a productive and enjoyable work environment.

Materials and Extras

  • Besides the materials officially provided by the SEI (hardcopy of slides, exercises, model version), Liveware classes add a CD that contains the extra slides used in class, class exercises explained and solved, some elements of a Process Asset Library (guidelines for some procedures, criteria, templates) and other help for the organization starting on its process improvement path.
  • Annotated bibliography of each module, with the instructors opinions on its use.
  • The prestige of our classes sets them apart from the lot. Making your company and attendees part of an exclusive group, materialized in a newly created group in Linked In to which all attendees are invited to participate.

For all these reasons, you are not making good use of your Decision Analysis and Resolution process if you are not considering us for your CMMI classes!